Versatility is a hallmark of Letterforms’ capabilities. The company provides graphic design and/or graphic production services for all types of print and electronic products including

Page layout

Reports, publications

Books, including cover and text page layout

Flyers, circulars, postcards and direct mail

Annual Reports

Displays, signs and posters


Conference materials




Logo development and corporate identity

Public relations materials



Charts, graphs, tables

Web design

In our Portfolio sections, you will see actual Letterforms productions, from flyers and postcards to magazines and catalogs, as well as the role we played in bringing them to life.

Primarily our work is with and about people, though, not paper and ink. A few hypothetical scenarios illustrate how we work with individual clients to assess their particular needs and objectives to determine how we can best serve them.

· Our expertise helps to guide inexperienced clients:

Bill B. has taken on the job of newsletter editor for his local chapter of the opticians’ professional association, even though he’s never worked on a newsletter before. His association counts on him to produce its first professional-grade publication for members.

Bill calls Letterforms and Jeannette makes an appointment to discuss the job. Through an in-depth interview, Jeannette will use her experience with newsletters to help Bill understand the many factors that will affect the appearance, usefulness, costs, and ultimately the success of his project. She can help him decide, for example, on the overall size, how much of the document will be text and how much graphics, how many colors to use, and whether the newsletter will be designed as a self-mailer or an online document. With some idea of when articles will be written and whether the organization will provide graphics or Jeannette will locate appropriate images, Bill and Jeannette can set up a production schedule that suits them both.


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